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Stakeholder Management is vital to the work of the OPFA. Stakeholder management activities are undertaken with a clear purpose of what is to be achieved. When stakeholders are engaged, they know how their contribution can affect the outcome and why they are being engaged. In order to ensure that there is transparency and accountability, interaction with stakeholders is aimed at providing each other with constructive, timely, evidence based information and be open to different opinions. Our processes and decisions are transparent and where appropriate, open to scrutiny. All engagements in which the OPFA engages are within its legislative mandate. Create awareness about our existence Create awareness about our mandate Clarify complaints’ processes and procedures Report on trends related to emerging issues of concern To implement stakeholder management, the OPFA takes initiative aimed at industry, consumer bodies, academia and members of the public in formal and informal engagement processes. Formal meetings are held with consumers, industry comprising of retirement funds and administrators, Government in the form of National Treasury and International bodies such as INFO. Informal opportunities include regular one-on-one interaction with all stakeholders through our website, emails, phone calls and direct contact.